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Efficiency Ratings

April 13, 2015 8:33 pm

Are you aware that on January 1, 2015 the U.S. Department of Energy mandated new energy standards for manufacturers of residential air conditioners and heat pumps? The new Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) standards vary depending on geographic location, and for residents in Florida the new SEER standard requires a minimum of 14 (an increase from a SEER of 13 in the prior year).



FPL is offering rebates for residential customers looking to purchase a new air conditioning system or to replace their current model with a higher energy efficient model. Detailed guidelines for customer eligibility and equipment qualifications, as well as rebate amounts can be found directly on their website under the Residential Air Conditioning Program Standards. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this rebate, then you’ll be happy to know that Cool Air USA is listed by the FPL as a Participating Independent Contractor (PIC) and can provide you with installation of a unit that meets the qualifying standards.


At Cool Air USA we make sure that our team is always educated about new changes regarding air cooling and heating systems. We were ready for the change and are ready to help our clients choose a new system that not only meets the minimum standards, but also meets their specific needs.


This rebate is a great incentive for anyone who has put off purchasing a new air conditioning system. Not only will our customers have the choice to benefit from an FPL rebate, but new models that meet the new SEER standards will also offer lower operation costs, which means our customers will save some money on energy costs. Don’t wait before it’s too late! Give us a call today for more information!

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Aluminum Condensing Coils vs Copper Condensing Coils

January 19, 2015 3:32 pm

Evaporator-CoilsThere is an old debate that exists in the HVAC industry between aluminum condensing coils and copper condensing coils. While there are pros and cons to both sides of the debate, many Florida AC repair companies will provide only facts that support just one side of the debate to buyers, due to brand-favoritism, economics, and a sales-oriented mentality. We believe that buyers in the South Florida area should be aware of the differences between aluminum condensing coils and copper condensing coils, so that they can make an informed decision before purchasing new air conditioning equipment.

Some History

General Electric (GE) came out with the first aluminum condensing coil in the 1970’s, a time when air conditioning equipment was considered a luxury feature and most homeowners didn’t have it. At the time, all the other companies manufacturing air conditioning systems were still using copper coils with aluminum fins. The demand for affordable air conditioning systems began during a construction boom in the 1980’s. Manufacturers took note of the “cost-first” attitude of buyers and began producing less costly, air conditioning systems made with aluminum condensing coils.

Pros and Cons of Using Aluminum Condensing Coils

It’s no secret that the cost of an air conditioning unit is still one of the most important factors homeowners and business owners consider when purchasing an air conditioning unit. Although aluminum and copper are comparable in cost to the manufacturer, copper coils require much more material than aluminum coils, making the end cost of a unit with copper coils more costly to the buyer.

A major drawback to aluminum condensing coils is that leaks are much more difficult to fix on units with these types of coils. Many South Florida ac repair companies do not have the equipment necessary to fix these leaks. Units with aluminum coils are also more difficult to clean and maintain.

Pros and Cons of Using Copper Condensed Coils

Copper coils are generally regarded as stronger, easier to maintain and more reliable than aluminum coils. They also have a better high transfer rate. Unfortunately, as the cost of copper continues to rise, manufacturers have resorted to making the copper coils thinner and thinner, which in turn reduces the strength, reliability, and durability of the coils.

Copper is also subject to corrosion, but this can be prevented with proper cleaning and maintenance, both of which are more easily done on a unit with copper coils.

The Result

Cool Air USA carries an extensive line of products from several manufacturers, including Rheem, Goodman, and Trane. We believe that both types of coils have their advantages and disadvantages, and that our buyers should have all the information on hand to make the most informed decision to meet their needs.

We also believe that one of the most important aspects in extending the life of your air conditioner lies in proper maintenance and care. Too many AC repair companies in South Florida will charge high costs for maintenance and rush through, without properly cleaning the coils. At Cool Air USA we provide an AC maintenance service that includes thorough inspection and cleaning of your unit(s). If you are having any issues with your system or you’d like to install a new air conditioner in your home or business today, please give us a call. We service most areas in Sanford, Orlando, and Kissimmee.

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The New Redesigned 2015 Rheem Cooling Platform

December 19, 2014 3:27 pm

rheem teamRheem Manufacturing Company is the leading North American manufacturer of heating, cooling, water heating and commercial refrigeration solutions. It is also the industry pioneer and pacesetter in the development of innovative products that have revolutionized the manner in which contractors work. Among the products on Rheem’s manufacturing line are air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, furnaces and many more appliances. Through research and customer feedback consideration, Rheem has redesigned their cooling platform that has a host of modern features that benefits homeowners and contractors.

The New Rheem Cooling Platform Series:

Rheem’s new cooling platform consists of three models which are:

The Classic Series

This series consist of 13, 14 and 16 – SEER air conditioner models, 14 and 15 – SEER heat pump models and advanced single – stage scroll compressors.

The Classic Plus Series

In this series, there are 17 – SEER two stage air conditioners and 17 – SEER inverter – driven heat pumps.

The Prestige Series

This series has up to 20 – SEER air conditioner and heat pumps in addition to 13 – HSPF heat pumps. This series also has fully variable scroll compressors.

The 360+1 Product Development Philosophy

The redesigned cooling platform was engineered using the 360 plus one philosophy which involves a thorough evaluation of the product from top to bottom, inside out and everything in between. This development process was successful because Rheem integrated the feedback received from customers to design a product that promises:

  • 360° Performance
  • 360° Installability
  • 360° Serviceability
  • 360° Integration

The Promise to Homeowners and Contractors

The new Rheem line of air conditioners and heat pumps promise better performance and excellent end consumer experience. This is a significant shift for the better compared to the experience they had with the conventional models.

To the Rheem contractors, these new appliances are easier to install and service an aspect that helps them to offer quality and timely workmanship.

The Features of the 360 Plus One Platform:


360° Performance

The redesigned heat pumps and air conditioners give homeowners 360 degree serviceability in:

  • Energy efficiency – The cooling efficiency of the redesigned platform measures up to 20 SEER. This efficiency exceeds the federal requirement by a whopping 54 percent. The heating efficiency on the other hand measures up to 13 – HSPF which is 58 percent higher than that of the standard systems.
  • Inverter driven technology – The new ac systems and heat pumps can meet heating demands of up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit and cooling demands from as low as 44 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Composite base pan – This adds durability and helps to eliminate corrosion in the ac and heat pump units. They also provide a quieter operation with 35 percent fewer fasteners than previous appliances.
  • Optimized fan orifice – This feature of the 360 performance improves efficiency and reduces sound characteristics.
  • Scroll compressor technology – This feature maximizes performance and enhances reliability of the units.
  • Aluminum evaporator coils – The air conditioner and heat pump systems are fitted with efficient aluminum evaporator coils that provide durability and reliability to the new design compared to previous models which operated on conventional coils. The HVAC industry is currently moving over to the all aluminum coils and Rheem is currently leading the charge.
  • Modern Aesthetics – With soft corners and paracoat finishing, the new appliances have a great look and feel.

360° Installability

The installation of the redesigned Rheem cooling line appliances makes it easier and faster for contractors to install the units. Some of the features that enhance the installability of the units are:

  • Expanded valve space – With 3, 4 and 5 inch wide service valves, the new Rheem products lead the industry as far as workroom is concerned. In total, the expanded valve space gives contractors about 27 square inch of work area which gives contactors easier Schrader access, gauge hookup and brazing among others.
  • Composite base pan – The base pan has recessed sections which make handling easy. It also comes with screw trays which hold loose fasteners and Schrader caps. The molded in receptacle holds heat pump raisers that are responsible for lifting the unit above snowlines in colder climates.
  • 15 inch control box – This is the industries widest and opens by removing two fasteners. Making the control box easily accessible during installations, helps the Rheem contractors to effortlessly hookup the high voltage electrical width and the 24 electrical volt control wiring.

360° Serviceability

This aspect of the redesigned platform offers real world features to the contractors that help them to speed up service calls. Through the service friendly design of the units, contractors can easily access the external gauge ports which make hooking up gauges and servicing fast and simple. The design also comes with a unique service window that allows access to low and high service pressure switches.

  • The heat pump TXV and reversing valves help contractors to perform diagnostics while the units are running.
  • Triple service access – The redesigned cooling platform gives contractors three ways to easily access important areas of the heat pumps and air conditioners. The first point of access is the 15 inch control box which is the industry’s widest. The second point of access is the two fastener removable corner. Removing this corner helps the contactors to gain faster access to the interior of the heat pumps and ac units to look into important components such as the compressor. The third and last point of access is the quick release louvre panels. These make coil cleaning easier and faster.
  • Over 98 percent of the products churned out of the Rheem cooling line have single row coils which are easier to clean compared to the conventional two row coils.

360° Integration

The classic plus and prestige series of the Rheem’s new cooling platform are Econet compatible. Rheem Econet is the first of its kind integrated, intuitive air and water control centre that gives homeowners the capacity to manage up to 65 percent of their homes energy use from a single access point.

The advanced Rheem cooling line will definitely make a positive and immediate impact in the industry. Contractors will find these new units easy to install, easy to service and the best performance of most units in production.

For Product PDF Please Click Here

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What Is Condenser Coil and Evaporator Coil?

September 3, 2013 6:03 pm
Condenser CoilPeople commonly confuse the types of coils within their air conditioning system. When it comes to the condenser coil and evaporator coil they are every similar in the way that they both take the heat from the matter, however, each has its own specific purpose. Here the exact purposes of each of the coils. 


Condenser coils – The condenser coils are a series of tubes that are filled with a refrigerant. The condenser coils then remove the heat from the extremely hot gaseous refrigerant. It then turns the refrigerant into a liquid before it exits the condenser coils. The whole purpose of the condenser coils is to change the state of matter of the refrigerant from gaseous matter to liquid matter before it has to enter the evaporator coils.



Evaporator coils –  The evaporator coils absorb the heat when air is passed through the air conditioning system. The coils look like a series of pipes. The warm is brought through the evaporator coils and it absorbs the heat. Once the heat is absorbed its sends the cool air back into the home through a series of air ducts. However, there are three different types of evaporator coils and each of them with their own specific purpose to make all the coils work together.



Different types of Coils


1.      Vertical evaporator coil is used to work with the upward and downward flow of air. It also condenses the heat to take any extra water out and drain it to lower the humidity of the home’s air as the vertical evaporator coil cools it.


2.      Cased evaporator coils are coils that have a protective outer covering and are the most common in North American homes. These coils handle the upward and downward air flow. The coils use a coolant to attract the warm air to have only the cool air stay. Then the cool air returns to the home through the ducts


3.      Uncased evaporator coil are similar to the cased evaporator coils, however, they are not cased. The uncased evaporator coils are the most unique because they can be adapted to specific conditions since the technician can reform the shape to make it fit in a specific device. These are the most unique coil


 The condenser coil and the evaporator coil each have their own purpose. Even if they may appear similar they have their own specific purpose to make the air conditioning system work correctly.

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Who’s affected when your Air Condition System is neglected?

July 2, 2013 5:20 pm

Quality Air Conditioner
Quality Air Conditioner

Neglecting ones air conditioning system affects the people of the home and no one else. One might believe their air conditioning system is working fine, however, you truly don’t know. You may believe that it is too expensive to have yearly maintenance checks on your air condition system; however, in the long run it is cheaper. You’re wondering how it’s cheaper well because you are not an air condition technician and you don’t realize there is a problem, the problem just becomes worse until your air conditioning system breaks. Once the system breaks you call a company to get it fixed and the technician says it can’t be fixed it needs to be replaced. This is now going to be more expensive than the yearly AC maintenance, which could have discovered this problem and fixed it.

  • Effectiveness: If you’re not having yearly maintenance than you do not know how well your air conditioning system is working. The system is very intricate and works most effectively when it’s clean. For example there are two sets of coils within your air conditioning system and if they are dirty than the system’s ability to transfer heat decreases. This in turn causes the air condition system to use more energy and can raise the cost of the system by as much as 35%.  Also the ability to cool declines as well by as much as 30%. The air condition system needs to be clean to have the most effective use.
  •  Repairs Build Up: As the dirt within the air conditioning system builds up so do the repairs that are going to be needed. The dirt in the system causes it to work harder and creates more problems, which could be caught with a yearly maintenance check and cleaned out.
  • Life of the Air Conditioning System: Since there was no yearly maintenance the dirt problem was never discovered, which caused the air conditioning system to work harder. In turn the air conditions life span was decreased. It is shown that an air condition system that is serviced yearly has a longer life of up to five years.

With yearly maintenance your air conditioning system will work effectively, have less buildup of repairs and have a longer life. Also the yearly maintenance will cost less than the major repair and new air conditioning system. Most importantly it will benefit the health of the people of the home. Don’t neglect your air condition system it only affects you.

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Four Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner

June 25, 2013 8:41 pm

Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner
Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner will definitely give your home or apartment a new touch of class and elegance. One of the major benefits of having an air conditioner is that you can control the temperature inside your home especially during the hot season. You need to consider several factors before purchasing this system to make an informed decision.

  • Price: Different systems have varying price tags depending on their functionalism and features. Choose an air conditioner that is affordable to avoid plunging yourself into financial turmoil. An intensive price based research will help you choose a supplier or company that offers a quality air conditioner that is affordable and top quality.
  • Technology: Advancement in technology has revolutionized the manner in which air conditioners are designed and assembled. The new systems are more efficient and reliable as compared to past models since they are assembled using new advanced systems. It is recommendable to choose a system that is technologically advanced to enjoy the full benefits from this system. An expert can provide you with information on the new modern systems in the market.
  • Usability: It is recommendable to choose a system that is easy to operate. It is always good to read and understand the manual provided by the manufacturer to explore all its features.
  • Quality: A top quality system requires less maintenance services and this in turn helps users save money for other purposes. Reviews from clients who have already purchased this system can help you assess the quality of the system. In addition, a quality air conditioner system is durable and compatible with virtually all house architectural designs. However, take note of the fact that top quality systems could be expensive but this is just a small price to pay considering the long-term benefits that will be derived from it.

Finally, after choosing the best system, ensure that it is correctly installed in the designated area. You can use the instructions provided by the manufacturers to install it or you can hire an AC expert in this niche who is qualified and legally accredited.

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Air Conditioning Coils Explained

April 18, 2013 7:51 am

Cool Air USA Coil CleaningIt might be very hard to differentiate between the different types of coils used in conditioning systems. This might be because most of the coils carry out the same function which is to remove heat and make the surrounding air cooler. The coils might have some similarity in functioning but they are all made for specific purposes.


Condenser coils: The purpose of this coil is to condense refrigerants before they are evaporated in an evaporator coil. It is made up of tubes which are filled with the refrigerant in order to allow the coils to carry out the condensation process. The refrigerant is hot when place in the condenser. Therefore, this coil also performs an added action which is cooling the refrigerant before it changes from liquid to gas.


Evaporator coils: This coil’s function is to remove heat as warm air passes through the pipe-like structures that make up the coil. One warm air enters into the coil; the coil removes it and sends the air out into the room very cool. This is what makes the room cool when using an air conditioner. However, there are three different types of evaporator coils.


These three coils ensure maximum functioning of the system by working together. They include:


Vertical evaporator coil: This is mainly involved in cooling air that enters the system in either upward or downward direction. It does this by condensing the air in order to retrieve some moisture from the air and expel it with a bid to make the surrounding air less humid. This creates cooler air in the homes since moisture not removed could hold on to some heat.


Cased evaporator coils: This functions in similar way with the vertical evaporator coil. The major difference is that it possesses an outer covering and it uses a coolant to separate the warm air from the cool air enabling only cool air to flow into the room via ducts.


Uncased evaporator coil: These are unique because they can be altered to fit in any device to enable cooling in homes. They are mostly preferred due to this flexibility in shape.


In general, it is important to know that all coils have different functions that are made possible by they way they are structured. The only thing that makes them similar is the fact that they all ensure your conditioning system cools your



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Pool Heater Repair

March 11, 2013 5:28 pm

Pool Heaters
Pool Heaters

Having a pool right at your home can be a very fulfilling thing. You do not have to worry about spending hot afternoons indoors running away from the heat. You can simply go for a swim. It makes life more fun. What about when the cold sets in? Most of us dare not swim when evening approaches or during winter but this is quickly changing with the increase in popularity of pool heaters. These devices make use of electricity, gas or solar energy to raise the temperature of the water hence ensuring the ability to swim regardless of the weather. With the development of this system, it also means that there has to be pool heater repair experts to help in case of a problem with the heater.

Free Service Call On Pool Heating Repair

A qualified pool heater repair company is essential in ensuring the continued usability of a pool in all kinds of weather. With a good pool heater repair company, it means that you can call them at any time of the day or night in case of a pool heater emergency. It also means that your pool heater is serviced by professional experts thus it will have a longer lifespan and will need fewer repairs.

It is therefore essential to take time in looking for the perfect pool heater repair company. A good place to start would be the internet where different customer reviews will help you make a decision as to which company you will go for. Ensure that the chosen company and its experts have all the required licences and certification for such kind of work. Although it will cost more to go for a professional company it will be completely worth it in the end as compared to hiring the services of an unlicensed and uncertified person.

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How can an AC company keep your home green?

March 8, 2013 7:39 pm

There are several options available, including Eco-friendly air purification, recycling Freon and maintaining your unit’s energy efficiency.


Eco-Friendly Air Purification


One of the simplest ways to improve indoor air quality is to filter it. HEPA quality air filters can be installed throughout your home or inside of the air conditioner itself. Other options for keeping your home clean is applying biocides inside of the ducts or air conditioner to kill mold and mildew or use UV lights to kill germs in the air. An AC company should know Eco-friendly ways to kill mold and mildew without adding toxic chemicals to your home’s air. UV lights, when properly installed, are a chemical-free, green way to kill mold, mildew and germs.


Recovering Freon


There are a few AC companies that can recover Freon instead of removing and then disposing of it. How is recovering Freon an eco-friendly option for your home or business?


Using re-covered Freon means that it is not wasted by being sent for disposal, while avoiding the need to change refrigerants or install a new AC that can run off of environmentally friendly refrigerants. And since the Clean Air Act says it is illegal to knowingly vent Freon into the atmosphere, deliberately re-covering the Freon prevents environmental infractions. During the recovery process, the hoses are checked, reducing the odds of a future refrigerant leak.


Both the limited supply and the high taxes on legal CFCs raise their cost. Using my own re-covered Freon avoids the cost of disposing of the old Freon and avoids the cost of buying more CFC refrigerant. Using Freon recovered from an AC is cheaper than replacing the air conditioner and buying Eco-friendly refrigerant or revamping the system to handle a more Eco-friendly refrigerant. Furthermore, recycling Freon when re-charging the air conditioner removes most contaminants trapped in the refrigerant. This in turn reduces the odds of the unit breaking down later while extending the life of the equipment.

Maintaining System Efficiency


If your AC is dirty, the condenser may not be able to cool down the air enough to keep the home comfortable. The unit then runs longer than necessary to cool down your home. A similar problem arises when the air flow into or out the unit is restricted, causing the unit to work harder to move cooled air. Hiring an AC company to maintain your air conditioner can reduce its electricity draw up to 30%. Proper maintenance also extends the operational life of the equipment, delaying the time until the unit needs to be replaced.

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An Introduction to the New Rheem 16 SEER AC Unit

December 27, 2012 10:44 pm

Rheem 16 SEER AC Unit

The new Rheem 16 SEER AC unit is a 2.5 ton unit. The Rheem 16 SEER air conditioner uses R-410 refrigerant which is environmentally friendly. This air conditioner is energy efficient, affordable and incredibly reliable.


Energy Efficiency


The SEER rating is a measure of the energy efficiency of an air conditioner when it experiences both warm and cold temperatures. An air conditioner’s Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is found by measuring how much power is required to deliver a BTU per hour of cooling in a specified set of conditions. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER determines the efficiency of the air conditioner per a benchmark set by the U.S. Department of Energy intended to mimic climate variations over time. An air conditioner is considered an Energy Star appliance if it has a SEER of at least 14. The Rheem 16 SEER AC unit has a SEER value of 16 and an EER of 13. The new Rheem 16 SEER AC unit easily meets and exceeds Energy Star standards.


Performance and Noise


The Rheem AC is surprisingly quiet. The outdoor unit’s sound level is 76 decibels. This is a lower noise level than the standard noise created by a dishwasher and not much louder than a TV would be. They have a built in sound blanket to minimize machine noise.
These units come with built in diagnostics and an LED display to help technicians identify problems with the unit. Rheem has added a fault recall function to its air conditioners. The AC generates fault codes similar to those used by car computers to report problems, while the unit automatically records and “remembers” fault codes even after a power outage. The fault recall function will report to an AC technician the fault code the unit experienced when it failed.


Hot and Cold


The Rheem AC is an air conditioner, not a heat pump. However, you can buy electric heat strips from Rheem to turn the Rheem AC into a source of warm air.

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