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Discover How the Government’s Decision to Stop the Rebates on Air Conditioner Affects You

June 25, 2012 8:57 pm

federal tax credit gone
federal tax credit gone

Unfortunately, the federal tax credit law has expired on December 31, 2011. This Air Conditioner Rebate program was approved by president Obama on Dec 17, 2010. The law that he signed was referring to a substantial rebate for everybody who would buy an air conditioner last year. The tax break was around $300 and it was dependable on efficiency rating of the purchased ac unit. Since January 1, 2012, these modern air conditioners are not eligible anymore for tax rebates, so you won’t be able to save so much money as you did before.

This program was of a tremendous success in the last couple of years, because it inspired consumers to throw away their old air conditioners, washers and refrigerator and buy newer and more efficient appliances at a reduced price. $296 million were allocated to all the states and other U.S. territories for this national rebate program. The statistics showed that only California alone got $35.2 million.

The outcome of this unique and extremely beneficial rebate program is that the demand for appliances, including air conditioners, has increased by more than 30% in just two years. However, since January, the demand for air conditioners has decreased by over 15%. The exceptions from this rule are solar water heaters and geothermal systems, since they are unaffected by these changes. This is probably the only good news regarding the rebate on air conditioners.

Another positive news is that, in a few states, there are some local and utility rebates still available. For example, in Colorado, there are several huge programs that encourage homeowners to purchase energy-efficient products, including air conditioners. The return is typically between $50 and $200. You can find various Energy Star sponsors which offered and still offer special rebates that weren’t part of Obama’s federal rebate law. Try to discover the best incentives and rebates available in your state in order to fully benefit of this ongoing trend.

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What Is The Cost Of New Air Conditioner?

November 14, 2011 11:13 pm

cost of new air conditioner
cost of new air conditioner

Buying an air conditioner can be an imperious procedure for the average house owner with all of the kinds and choices present. Just to keep an individual, it is beneficial to have few rules at your removal just to limit the choices to only those that suit your requirements. There are some points that an individual should keep in mind before making the purchase.

Firstly, get a house energy audit. Most of the firms will carry out a house energy audit for free of cost in anticipate of getting your business. Possibly the trouble an individual is having is old ineffective windows that are in front of the sun in the afternoon. Correcting as well as discovering this trouble could save an individual the cost of new air conditioner. Secondly, you should inspect your insulation. This step will be carried out during a house energy audit. Nonetheless, an individual can simply inspect his attic insulation himself. Perhaps some extra insulation will resolve your problem.

Lastly, you should consider dampers. If you have any room that is not being utilized then you can set up dampers to reduce the air flow in these areas. This compels more cold air into the rooms that an individual needs it.

Compare Between 3 Different Contractors Before Making Decision

Now, you may be wondering how much new air conditioner will cost you. Basically, the cost of new air conditioner will depend on the ability the product has. Many individuals go by the approximations that are usually made by their family or friends near them. The best method to get the accurate estimation is by contacting a neighbor who has exactly the same house size and building objects has been utilized as in your home. The cost of power in an individual region is another main aspect about his decision of which Ac system is to be brought.

There are various aspects that will decide the cost of new air conditioner you are planning to buy. In reference to AC the SEER ratings are extremely important in their pricing. The full form of SEER is seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It is appraise for the cooling ability of a specific air conditioner. Experts will decide what rating AC must be utilized. The high effectiveness ones are bound to charge more but they own higher life span and low energy consumption.

The AC that an individual is going to purchase will rely not only on the fuel that is present simply but also the existing costs of the fuel. Thus an individual has to make a selection between an oil furnace and gas. It is quite hard selection to make as their costs keep on changing at all times.

Therefore, there are some aspects that decide the cost of new air conditioner install with Lake Worth air conditioning.

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Selecting The Right Air Conditioning System

September 2, 2011 5:24 pm

Air Conditioning Brands
Air Conditioning Brands

Selecting the right air conditioning system for your home or office is not an easy task. You need to pay attention to a number of factors while choosing your Miami air conditioning or Ft Lauderdale air conditioning system. Here are some of the most crucial factors that you need to take into account while selecting your Miami air conditioning system.

First important factor that you should take into consideration is the area that needs to be heated or cooled. This is a very important factor because only based on this you will be able decide on the capacity of your air conditioning system. Choosing an air conditioning unit with lesser capacity will result in overall ineffectiveness of your air conditioning system. Choosing capacities higher than what is necessary will increase your energy bills unnecessarily. Therefore it is important to choose the right capacity. You will need help from your air conditioning company to decide on the capacity of your air conditioning unit.

Secondly, you need to choose the right brands for your Palm beach air conditioning needs. There are numerous brands in the industry today but only few brands are popular because of their reliability and their long life. Installing air conditioning system in your home or office is of course one of the huge expenses that you will be incurring and it has also certain on going expenses. So it is important that you choose the best brands in the industry so that you will get the best value for your money. Some of the top brands that you can consider include Carrier, Ruud, Trane, Goodman, etc. You should bear in mind that the brand you choose should be easily serviceable.

Always Look For Authorized Dealers For All Major Brands

Thirdly, if you have limited budget to meet your Miami air conditioning or Palm Beach air conditioning need then you can consider used air conditioning units and this will minimize the expenses on your AC unit but the other expenses like the installation of ducts, etc., will remain the same. So before going for used air conditioning units you should calculate carefully whether you will enjoy real benefits on the long run. Initially you may save some money by using pre-owned air conditioning units but what might happen is that due to frequent maintenance related issues you might end up spending more money on your AC system than what you actually saved initially.

Along with the selection of the right brand and right capacity, you should also pay attention to the selection of the right Miami air conditioning company. You might have selected the best air conditioning unit available in the brand but if it is not installed correctly and professionally as per brand specifications then the effectiveness and the life of your unit will be affected very badly. So it is very important to choose the best air conditioning company in Miami, Palm Beach or Ft Lauderdale. Choose wisely and save yourself from unnecessary frustrations relating to your air conditioning system

Choose The Right HVAC Contractor

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AC Repair And The Related Challenges

August 25, 2011 7:32 pm

Air Conditioning Service Fort Lauderdale
Air Conditioning Service Fort Lauderdale

Irrespective of how well you maintain your air conditioning system, you are likely to run into air conditioning repair needs. As the air conditioning system in your home or office is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you own, if something should go wrong with the system, it can make you feel anxious because you never know what kind of expenses you will have to incur before you restore your Miami air conditioning system to its full working condition.

The first challenge here comes in the form of identifying the problem with your air conditioning system. You will not be able to do this all by yourself and you are going to need a dependable Miami air conditioning company to take care of the repair work. Some of the companies just handle new installations and they take care of repair work of only customers that bought the air conditioning system from them. So you need to find a Miami air conditioning company or Ft Lauderdale air conditioning company that attends service calls. You cannot hire just about any company to take care of your air conditioning repair needs your service provider first of all have adequate experience in this field and secondly they should enjoy good reputation.

24/7 Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Service

Only when you hire an experienced Palm Beach air conditioning company or Ft Lauderdale air conditioning company they will be able to identify the problem fast. Otherwise they will be experimenting their skills on your air conditioning system and aggravate the problem. This will only multiply your expenses. To avoid all these problems you make sure that you pick the right service provider even if it means spending more time in identifying your Miami air conditioning company.

Your service provider should be able to identify the problem with your air conditioning system first and secondly, they should not mislead you by suggesting expensive repair work when the actual fault is only a minor one. You can find all sorts of AC repair companies in this industry but the good news is that there are also good companies and you just need to search for them enough.

Why I Should Get AC Repair Miami Florida?

Some of the issues can be resolved by your Miami air conditioning company immediately within few minutes where as other issues will take a considerable amount of time. It may also involve replacement of certain spare parts in your air conditioning system.

One of the important factors to remember here is that, do not run your air conditioning system when they have problems. These problems will not go away on their own and continuing to use your air conditioning system with problems will only make things worse and make you spend a lot of money. By paying immediate attention to your problems will save you from unnecessary problems and it will also help you get better service from your air conditioning system. If you ignore the problems you will only be reducing the life and efficiency of your Miami air conditioning system.

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Cool Air USA Reviews Complaints Davie Florida Video

August 17, 2011 11:02 pm

Cool Air USA Air Conditioning Service, Since 1992
In this review video you can see a customer that call us on 08/16/11 @ 9pm with a problem in his air conditioning unit, after deep diagnostic our trained tech detect it’s not repairable, by 08/17 @ 1pm they had a brand new unit installed with our 2 year service contract and 10 years warranty.

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The Importance Of Regular Air Duct Cleaning

August 12, 2011 2:52 pm

The Importance Of Regular Air Duct Cleaning
The Importance Of Regular Air Duct Cleaning

When you are installing your Air Conditioning system for your home or office in Miami check with their Miami air conditioning company whether they also offer air duct cleaning services. Though you may not require this for the initial couple of years, you need to have your own air duct cleaning schedule. Not many people realize the importance of regular air duct cleaning to ensure good indoor air quality. Our indoor air quality can deteriorate very badly with unattended air ducts.

You and your family members can succumb to wide rage of ailments if your indoor air quality is poor. So hire a professional air duct cleaning company to inspect the air quality in your home or office and attend to air duct cleaning needs immediately. Many customers think that air duct cleaning is an unnecessary expense which they try to postpone as long as possible. However, what they do not realize is the fact that by avoiding this expense they are only risking their family health which inevitably results in unnecessary and expensive medical bills. You could save yourself from all such problems by cleaning your air duct periodically with the help of professional air duct cleaning company.

When you are hiring your Miami air conditioning company or Ft Lauderdale air conditioning company to inspect and to cleaning your air ducts make sure that they do a thorough job. They should sanitize the air duct using approved products.

Air Duct Cleaning Will Eliminate Odors

Your family will be saved from unnecessary respiratory related problems, bad odors, allergies and rashes with scheduled and regular air duct cleaning services. Regular Miami air duct cleaning will not only improve the quality of the air you breathe but it will also improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system. Dirt filled and clogged air vents always reduce the overall effectiveness of your air conditioning systems. With increased efficiency, you will be able to reduce your electricity bills. As you can see regular air duct cleaning has far reaching effects which of course are positive effects and hence desirable.

If it is your office, you can even be facing liability cases if your air vents are not cleaned regularly. Your employees succumbing to frequent sickness can point to your poorly maintained air ducts as cause for their sicknesses. Save yourself from such allegations by hiring a dependable Miami air conditioning company to take care of all your AC maintenance needs including air duct cleaning. This will give you great peace of mind and save you a lot of time as you will not have to be preoccupied with these factors but your air conditioning company will make regular visits as per the maintenance agreement that you signup with them.

Selecting the right service provider is very crucial here. Your air conditioning company in Miami should enjoy good reputation so that you get the best value for your money. When all these basic factors are attended to regularly, your air conditioning system will give you a long and dependable service.

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Professional AC Installation To Reduce Maintenance Issues

August 3, 2011 1:25 pm

Professional AC Installation To Reduce Maintenance Issues
Professional AC Installation To Reduce Maintenance Issues

Are you planning to install an air conditioning system in your home or in your office this summer? If you are living in Palm Beach or Ft Lauderdale you will certainly need air conditioning systems to fight the hot climate that prevails through out the year. As installation of air conditioning systems involves great deal of money, you need to make the right choices to get the highest mileage for every dollar you spend.

It is not enough that you choose the best brand Miami air conditioning systems for your home or office; you need to also make sure that you have the best Ft Lauderdale air conditioning company or the top Palm Beach Air Conditioning company to take care of your installations. For the correct functioning of your air conditioning system, you need to make sure that the entire unit is installed correctly as per the specifications. Air conditioning systems that are not properly installed will not yield optimum results and you will also have ongoing problems with your air conditioning systems including constant break downs, poor efficiency and so on.

If you do not want to face constant problems with your air conditioning systems and if you do not want to spend more and more money on your air conditioning system, then you better hire a reputed company to get your Miami air conditioning system installed. Before you choose your AC installation company check whether your service provider has been in this industry for a considerable amount of time and whether they are licensed to offer AC installation services.

Prevent Miami Emergency AC Repair

Secondly, you should also check whether your Miami air conditioning company employs experienced and fully qualified experts. Sometimes the air conditioning company may have been in this industry for a long time but they may not have adequate resources and experienced AC installation professionals. Do not take chances with such companies because facing frequent problems with your air conditioning systems can be highly irritating. The only way to avoid such frustrations is to look for companies that offer dependable Miami air conditioning installation services.

Poor installation can ruin even the most expensive and the most reliable air conditioning units. It has also been noted that poor installation of air conditioning units also increases the energy consumption due to poor efficiency. You will end up spending more money than what you should on your electricity bills or ac repair Miami .

When you install your air conditioning system you should look for a brand and service provider that will allow you to install your air conditioning system and totally forget about it. In other words it should not consume a lot of your time. Maintenance free air conditioning systems always make life easy for every one whether you are installing your air conditioning system for your home or for your office. The next time you want to install air conditioning system keep all the above factors in mind while selecting your air conditioning company to stay out of unnecessary trouble.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Miami Air Conditioning Company

July 7, 2011 12:53 pm


Are you living in Miami? It is hard to survive this hot tropical monsoon climate without reliable air conditioning systems. There are many Miami air conditioning companies to cater to home and office air conditioning needs and if you are searching for your Miami air conditioning company, then here are few useful tips for choosing your service provider.

One of the best ways of choosing your air conditioning company is to search for them online rather than flipping through the telephone directories or Yellow Pages. Online search will help you spot your air conditioning company fast. When you use the internet to search for your Miami air conditioning company, many service providers will be lined up before you and you are likely to be confused with so many options spread before you.

Best HVAC Service In Miami Florida

You first need to shortlist your service providers based on certain selection criteria. Here are few important criteria that you should consider. First comes the reputation of the service provider when we say reputation, it also includes experience because only companies that have been in this industry for quite some time will have some history that you can review, based on which  you can assess their reputation. So look for well established Miami air conditioning companies that enjoy good reputation.

Secondly, you need to find out whether the air conditioning repair companies that you choose are authorized dealers of the brand that you would like to buy. This is important because when you install your air conditioning system, you are inviting upon yourself series of other responsibilities and it is not a one time task that you do and get it over with. You need to make sure that your air conditioning system is up and running without any problem throughout the year and especially during the hotter months of the year. This means, your air conditioning systems should be well maintained. You should therefore find air conditioning companies that will not only install your Miami air conditioning systems but also take care of your on going maintenance needs. When you buy your air conditioning systems from authorized dealers, you can ensure reliable on going maintenance services.

Choose Honest Air Conditioning Contractor

Thirdly and most importantly, you should find a company that gives you the most competitive quotes. Try to get as many quotes as you need to and compare the quotes closely. You should obviously be selecting the most competitive quote but at the same time, you need to make sure that you have the right company to work with and not blindly go with the cheapest quote you get. Choosing an air conditioning company like will guarantee you the best air conditioning systems and dependable ongoing maintenance at the most competitive prices.

Give yourself enough time to choose your air conditioning company because you cannot afford to make mistakes here. Any mistakes you make here will turnout to be expensive mistakes and will invite unnecessary problems on the long run leading to frustration.

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Refrigerant Compare R22 Vs. R410a

May 2, 2011 11:00 pm


When it comes to debating about the issue Refrigerantcompare r22 vs r410a one must know that they are split air conditioning systems. When the outdoor temperature increases the performance of both the machine goes down significantly. The performance of the R410A was lower than that of R22. But in general the RA410A stayed relatively stable in all the tests. There were noticeable noise differences from both the machines. Their capabilities of functioning under high temperatures went lower and lower as the temperature increased. The R410A unlike other refrigerants does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, although the same thing cannot be said about R22. That is why when it comes to Refrigerant compare r22 vs r410a people prefer the later rather than the former.

Another recently discovered fact about R410A is that it influences global warming which means that it poses a threat to the environment. Even R22 is considered as a possible threat because of its content of the CFC’s. What you need to make sure is that your electronic gadgets especially your air conditioner or your refrigerator does not use the R22 machine because if it does then it poses a risk to the environment you breathe in.

New Air Conditioners Take R410a

There are many experiments that were conducted between the two machines and it was found that they are not very different. It is just that one is slightly better than the other. If you have an R410A system at home then it might prove anything but trouble for you because it requires not only special tools to repair or maintain but it also requires different standards of safety. The techniques used for this machine are also different. Different types of equipment are manufactured for this system and this system also has an AC&R protection so that it helps to educate the professionals about this system. On the other hand the R22 does not require special handling. These results were found in Refrigerant compare r22 vs r410a by many experts and researchers for the purpose of finding out which system is more efficient.

Great Source For Refrigerant, Miami Air Conditioning or
Palm Beach Gardens Air Conditioning

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Trane 2011 Air Conditioners – Efficient Air Conditioning Unit for the Hot Summer

March 28, 2011 2:47 pm

New Trane Air Conditioners
New Trane Air Conditioners

The Trane air conditioners are the best if you are looking for quality air conditions. This company was first founded by James Trane. For both commercial and residential purpose the air conditions from Trane are great. Some of the new Trane 2011 air conditioners are introduced by the company. You will get good and quality services from this company and they are known for their services since its inception. The 2011 air conditions include air conditions from high efficiency to regular units.

The air conditions of Trane hit the market in the late fifty’s and in 2011 they added the new air condition units to their line. The Trane 2011 air conditioners are:

  • XL15i – These air conditioners are super efficient and there is CleanEffects system included in the AC. The debris cannot enter or damage the system as this air conditioner unit comes with WeatherGuard II top shields. There is also a base pan of corrosion inside the unit. Fifty four inches high by thirty seven inches wide by thirty four inches deep is the total dimension of this unit. When you purchase this unit you will get twelve years warranty on the unit’s compressor and ten year warranty on the parts and outdoor coil.
  • XB14 – The unit that has standard efficiency is the Trane’s XB 14 air conditioning unit. You can get ten years warranty for the parts of the unit and outdoor coil and five years warranty for unit. Sixty thousand British thermal units p/hr is the maximum cooling capacity of the unit. 45 X 37 X 34 is the dimension of this unit.
  • XL20i – This is Trane’s most efficient series of 2011. The features of this unit are quiet multi stage fan motor, fasteners, ComfortLink II communication system and WeatherGuard top shields. The warranty that you can get for the compressor is of twelve years and other parts and outdoor coil have a warranty of ten years. This comes with the dimension of 54 X 37 X 34.

With so many excellent features the Trane 2011 air conditioners are going to be a great hit for the coming summer.

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