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Ft. Lauderdale Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

March 4, 2011 5:20 pm

Ft. Lauderdale Air Conditioning
Ft. Lauderdale Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning system does not work properly, you can get the help of emergency air conditioning repair service offered by reliable service providers. You just need to make a call. The 24-hour air conditioning repair source helps to troubleshoot the problem in your AC. The professionals offer a wide range of services to meet all your repair needs. High quality equipment is used to fix your system, so you need not worry about its safety. The experienced professionals diagnose the problem and repair it to ensure that your needs meet your comfort level.  They complete the repairing work as quickly as possible, so you need not sacrifice your comfort even for one day.

The service providing companies that offer emergency air conditioning repair appoint skilled staff to answer your phone call and they do not use an answering service. You can get fast and reliable residential and commercial air conditioning emergency repair from them. The dedicated staff members assure that your needs are fulfilled properly. As the repairing service is available 24/7, you can contact them at anytime you need.

Loss of cooling capacity, loss of cool air supply and reduced air conditioning temperatures are some of the common air conditioning system problems. AC refrigerant leak, dehumidification problem are some other major problems. The professionals follow a diagnosis procedure to find out the problem and provide emergency air conditioning repair service. For instance, if loss of air conditioning cooling capacity is your problem, the professionals check the room thermostat temperature setting and test whether electricity is on for the equipment. They check all switches and controls, air handler and circuit breakers in the electronic panel.

The technicians working in emergency air conditioning repair service providing company attend seminars and training programs frequently, so they can offer the best possible service. You can get 100% satisfaction in their repairing service. If any of the repairing services fail, the technicians will fix it again without asking extra charges. The on-time guarantee lets you avoid the headache of waiting for technicians. The technicians are polite, friendly and experienced. They employ state of the art techniques to repair your air conditioning system without any mess.  The service providers offer convenient appointment timings that fit your schedule well.

Emergency air conditioning repair service is available for affordable price ranges. The professionals inspect your air conditioning system and give you some options to solve the problems. They also inform you about the cost of repairs upfront. If you give your approval, they start their work immediately.

Malfunctioning air conditioning system not only causes inconvenience, but it also causes some dangerous effects. The problems would aggravate, if the temperature and weather are extreme. Therefore, 24 hour emergency repairing service is indispensable. If you have encountered an unanticipated emergency with your air conditioning system, you just need to make a call. Repairing the problem in your air conditioning system before it gets worse helps you reduce the cost of repairs and enhance the life span of the system.

Ft. Lauderdale Air Conditioning

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New Rheem split systems 2011

January 25, 2011 4:25 pm


A split system uses an outdoor system like air conditioner or heat pump and indoor system like air handler, oil furnace or gas furnace to offer a comfortable environment to you. New Rheem split systems 2011 is designed with latest technology. They are highly efficient and so they will save you a lot of money in your energy bill. Rheem is a renowned name in the field of heating and cooling systems. The manufacturing process of split system, right from design to product assembly is strictly monitored to ensure the highest quality, robustness and operational excellence.

New Rheem split systems 2011 feature the condenser and air handler offer impeccable operation. The system includes air conditioner and heat pump. It uses highly efficient refrigerant that will offer excellent quality and performance. It features heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet that has rust resistant screws. It will offer problem free performance for years. This central heating and air conditioning system will keep you comfortable in hot summer months and bitter cold winter months. It comes with a supporting electric heating unit, also known as a heat strip. It will enhance the quality of heating and comfort. This system is ideal for homes in Southern states with warmer climates. The standard 2.5 ton size model features 5 Kilo watt heat strip that is enough for regions with warm climates. However, if you want to increase it to 10 Kilo watt, you can do so easily by paying an extra amount of $35.

Buying new Rheem split systems 2011 helps you get a federal tax credit up to $1,500. It comes with 10 year warranty, so you can enjoy great comfort for several years. It has received green star rating for energy efficiency.  The heat pump in this system comprises of several useful features like liquid refrigerant return protection,  steel coil guard for endurance, 500 hour salt spray approval ensuring great efficiency and single panel access to controls along with space offered for field installed accessories. It also boasts of dependable temperature terminated, time initiated defrost control. If installed properly, it will meet the requirements of Florida Building code for Hurricane strength winds.

The air conditioning unit in New Rheem split systems 2011 features one multi position air handler. All the functional parts and refrigerant coil come with 10 year limited warranty. The air handler is backed by green star for energy efficiency. It is also certified by Energy star. It is perfect for up flow, down flow and horizontal installations. You can place it any position you like. It is designed for both horizontal and vertical applications. It is compatible with air conditioning units and heat pumps.

New Rheem Split systems 2011 are the best for every home that needs a comfortable environment.  You can contact a Rheem contractor in your locality to determine whether the system meets your needs fully. The compact size of the system makes it ideal for those who need to change their home often. It is easy to install and use.

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Federal Energy Tax Credit Update 2011

January 3, 2011 8:42 pm

Federal Tax Credit 2011
Federal Tax Credit 2011

Federal tax credits are available for energy efficient products. If you buy energy efficient air conditioner or install a renewable energy system in your home, you will be eligible for federal tax credits. Biomass stoves, roof, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, insulation, water heater, windows and doors are normally eligible for tax credits, if they meet the qualification requirements. The tax credit was 30% of cost up to $1500 till December 31, 2010. The new tax credit for 2011 is not that much favorable to home owners. The maximum qualifying amount is less than the pre-ARRA amount. The lifetime maximum amount of rebate is $500 now.
A gas furnace uses fuel and air combustion to create heat. The qualifying rebate amount for gas furnace is $150. The qualification requirement is that the furnace should have 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Split systems will get rebates up to $300. Air conditioners with 16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) or 13 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) are eligible to get this rebate. Tax credit includes the cost of installation. It is advisable to ask your HVAC contractor whether the air conditioner you want to buy is eligible to get tax credit.
Heat pumps offer a great alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, if you live in an area with moderate climates. Variable speed mini split heat pumps are normally eligible for tax credits. During summer seasons, they move heat from the cool outdoors into your home and move heat from your cool home into the warm outdoors during winter seasons. As they move heat instead of generating it, it can offer 4 times of energy they consume. Heat pumps with 15 SEER or 13 EER or 8.5 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) will be considered as qualifying products to get a rebate of $300. The tax credit is not applicable to solar water heaters, geothermal heat pumps and fuel cells.
According to new tax credit levels, the rebate for package systems amount to $300. Air conditioners with 14 SEER or 12 EER are eligible for rebates. Tax credits include the cost of installing the air conditioner. Heat pumps with 14 SEER, 12 EER or 8 HSPF package will receive a tax credit of $300. Gas or electric package with 14 SEER or 12 EER will also receive a tax credit of up to $300.
Advanced main air circulating fan is an energy efficient fan. The blower motor in the fan blows the air that is heated up by your furnace through the duct system. 30% tax credit was given on the cost of the fan until December 2010. Now the new tax credit is $50. Tax credit includes the cost of installing the air circulating fan.
You are eligible to get tax credit, if you have own home and you use it as your principal residence. Rental properties are not qualified for rebates and tax credits.

You can view the comprehensive list of qualified products for tax credit Here

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High Efficiency Air Conditioning Units

December 14, 2010 8:52 pm

High Efficiency AC Units
High Efficiency AC Units

Air conditioning unit is becoming a necessity in many places, especially if you are living in hot humid climate. Air conditioners are rated according to Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio (SEER). It is actually a measure of efficiency and performance of an air conditioner. High Efficiency air conditioning unit is considered as the best, as it will be cost effective to operate and will help to conserve energy. The Government standards allow 10 as the minimum SEER rating. However, air conditioning units with SEER ratings of 18 or higher are available in the market. You can choose the air conditioning unit, according to the climate prevalent in your region, so that you can reduce your monthly energy bills.

Benefits of using High Efficiency air conditioning unit:

Many people think that it is enough to buy an air conditioning unit that has 10 SEER rating. However, there is huge difference between a 10 SEER and a 12 SEER unit. Increased efficiency and savings on your energy bills are the two main benefits of using High SEER air conditioning unit. If you install a high SEER unit, you can save up to 15% of your energy bills, when compared to a 10 SEER unit. In addition, it helps to reduce your home’s impact on the environment.

Many experts state that air conditioners with higher SEER rating ranging from 16 to 23 offer a good value for your money. It is especially important to buy a High SEER air conditioning unit, if you are living in an area with high electricity rates and extremely hot weather conditions. The High SEER units are generally two stage units, which provide more comfort and long term reliability. However, your home may need ductwork renovations, which require the help of qualified professionals.

High Efficiency AC Unit vs. Low Efficiency AC Units

Air conditioning units that have higher SEER rating are the greatly reliable air conditioners, which are 14% more efficient than standard models. It is advisable to go for the High SEER model, though it is little bit costlier.  The cost difference between high SEER models and standard models will be paid back through lower energy bills over time. You may know that saving energy can prevent pollution. By choosing High SEER air conditioning unit, you can help to prevent global warming and to promote clean air, while enhancing the comfort of your family members. When buying a new air conditioner with high SEER, it is crucial to get a quality installation. You need to get a reliable contractor who can do the job perfectly.

Nowadays, it is becoming very rare to see air conditioning unit rated below 9 SEER. People are getting awareness about the importance of High SEER air conditioning unit. They are replacing their low efficiency units with high efficiency ones. Upgrading an air conditioning system from 9 to 12 can help to reduce power consumption by 30% and thereby help you to obtain substantial energy savings. In most of the cases, the lifetime energy savings surpass the higher initial amount.

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Just moved to a new house, Should I clean my air ducts?

November 17, 2010 11:13 pm

Air Duct Cleaning Effects
Air Duct Cleaning Effects

Many homeowners realize the importance of cleaning the air duct s regularly. The ducts are used in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to deliver air. Dirt, dust and other debris get accumulated in it over the period of time. Many people believe that they need not arrange for air duct cleaning, when they moved to a new house in the recent past. However, construction is a messy process and drywall dusts, debris and paint dust may get accumulated into the air ducts. This in turn blocks air circulation, traps more dust and bacteria. It also promotes mold growth, which causes several health problems.
Most of us tend to spend one third of our life in our home. Hence, it is important to keep the breathing air clean and safe. The age of your home does not matter, when it comes to air duct cleaning. Even if you have moved to a new house, you need to perform some maintenance work to keep the home environment healthy. In fact, it is the best time to arrange for air duct cleaning.
Dust may be generated in large amounts during the construction process. Drywall dust, sawdust and paint dust are more likely to settle in your air duct. They may cause some allergic reactions like eye, nose and throat irritation. Hence, you should take steps to clean the air duct, as soon as you moved into your new home.

When to seek the help of a professional?

If you or any of your family members experience some unusual allergic symptoms or respiratory problems or you notice some contaminants flowing into the air, when the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is turned on, you need to seek the help of a professional to clean the air ducts effectively. Though some types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system maintenance works can be done by yourself, air duct cleaning is not a simple task that can be done by normal homeowners. It requires professional approach. It is therefore advisable to entrust the work to professionals, who can offer reliable service.
The professional uses some special tools and a negative air flow system to remove dust, dirt and debris from your duct. The tools help to dislodge accumulated dust, while the vacuum helps to prevent it from being released into your new home. The professional uses state of the art technology to eliminate harmful pollutants from the duct in a way that does not cause any harm to your kids, pets and other family members. He also applies some mold inhibiting agents, if necessary. They help to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in the duct in the future.
Duct cleaning is an important process that helps to increase the quality of indoor air. This is especially important, if you moved to a new house. It also helps to get rid of musty and stale odors from the duct. It enhances the overall air quality and thus ensures a healthy environment to you and your family.

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Cool Air USA Got A New Blog

October 7, 2010 7:35 pm

We will update our blog with new articles on daily bases.

Latest Articles:

Coil Cleaning Prevent AC Repair Miami

Check back soon we will post new info on hybrid air conditioning miami

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Most Popular Air Conditioning Service Brand In Miami

June 28, 2010 12:30 am

Life can be hard, when the weather turns hot. We feel uncomfortable and sluggish in hot summers. Buying an air conditioner from miami air conditioning contractor is a smart choice. It is always advisable to choose the air conditioning brand that is the most popular one in the market. Trane, Rheem, Goodman and Carrier are some of the popular air conditioning brands that enhance your comfort even in extremely hot weather conditions.


Trane is one of the top brands in air conditioners. You can find an array of high quality products under this brand. Trane air conditioners are made with durable materials. The first thing you need to look for in air conditioners is its BTU (British Thermal Units). The air conditioners that have higher BTU value are considered as good. The air conditioners come under Trane brand has the cooling capacity ranging from 66,000 to 190,000 BTU per hour. Energy Efficiency rating (EER) of an air conditioner is yet another important thing to look for. Air conditioners with high EER are good, as they cost you less to operate. Trane’s XR13 air conditioner comes with the EER of 14.


Rheem is one of the most popular air conditioning brands. It offers superior quality products with the latest technologies and reliable performance. The prestige Series JEC Rheem air conditioners come with the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of 18, which assures their ultra high efficiency. JEZ air conditioning units are designed to offer comfort, energy conservation and reliability. Its LED display on the control boards shows the contractor the source of malfunctions quickly, so that he can service or repair the unit easily. The Thermostat communication capability in this series alerts you, when servicing is required. This assures your home comfort, providing you complete peace of mind.


Goodman air conditioners are available for affordable prices. They keep your home cool and comfortable, even on hottest days. They offer high efficiency and conserve energy. DSXC18 air conditioning unit from Goodman comes with plenty of useful features like compatible ComfortNet communication system, chlorine free refrigerant, built in comfort alert diagnosis and diagnostic indicator lights. All these features make it the most popular air conditioning brand in the market. SSX series air conditioners from Goodman are also famous among many homeowners. They offer quite and environmentally friendly performance. All the functional parts in this series come with 10 year limited warranty.


Carrier is one of the leading air conditioner brands. The company is committed to create comfortable environments at home and office. Residential Window AC from Carrier is available in three different ranges- Durakool, Estrella and GenX. Durakool range comes with effective air flow technology, dust filter, auto swing and auto restart. Estrella range Window AC has several helpful features like energy saver, intelligent sleep mode and rotary compressor. Ducted Air conditioning unit has multiple compressors that help to save 30% of power. Carrier Simpak features anti mold treated filter and drain pan, powerful moisture removal, anti mild treated filter and much more.

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Air Duct Cleaning And Indoor Air Quality In Miami Florida

June 4, 2010 6:16 pm

Duct Cleaning Miami

With Our Cleaning Process We will Clean Each Vent In The House Using Positive And Negative Air Pressure Unlike Brushing Each Vent Our Great Cleaning Cant Damage Any Duct Structure Specially The Most Common Flex Duct In Miami Florida.

If you moving in to a new house or remodel your current mind, keep our miami duct cleaning process in mind.

The complete cleaning will take no longer than 60min (up to 7 vents).

and all the pollen, dirt will be vacuumed into our commercial grade vacuum machine.

Miami, FL
Miami Directory

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Air Duct Cleaning In Miami Florida Only $55

April 29, 2010 3:18 pm

Check out our air quality page @
and print out the coupon, we will clean your dirty duct with our intensive package for only
$55, using state of the art equipment , click on the link and learn more about our cleaning
this promotion is current in all dade county zip codes:

33009, Hallandale, 33010, 33012, 33013, 33014, 33015, 33016, 33018, 33023  Hialeah, 33054, Opa Locka, 33055, 33056, Carol City, 33109, Miami Beach, 33122, 33125, 33126, 33127, 33128, 33129, 33130, 33131, 33132, 33135, 33136, 33137, 33140, 33124, 33144, 33147, 33150, 33155, 33158, 33167, 33168, 33169, 33172, 33173, 33174, 33176, 33178, 33179, 33182, 33183, 33184  Miami, 33133, 33146, 33145 Coral Gables, 33138, Miami Shores, 33139, Carl Fisher, 33141, North Bay Vi, 33143, South Miami, 33149, Key Biscayne, 33154, Bal Harbour, 33156, Kendall, 33160, 33162,  33181 North Miami, 33165, 33175 Olympia Heig, 33166, Miami Spring

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Air Duct Cleaning In Fort Lauderdale Is Going To The Next Step

February 5, 2010 7:26 am

Cool Air USA Launch A New Duct Cleaning Program.
Now, you can clean your duct in fort lauderdale for only $55.
Call Now and talk to one of our duct cleaning experts on the phone

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