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Solar Energy

Solar air conditioning refers to any cooling that uses solar power. It helps you save a lot of money on energy bills, no matter what size you own.  You can find high quality solar air conditioners in the market, which helps you, enjoy ultimate comfort in hot summer months. These air conditioners are marketed for sale in different models to suit residential and commercial purposes. You can choose any of them to keep your home and office cool. Some of the solar air conditioners are eligible for substantial cash rebates and incentives provided by local utility company and federal government.
The solar air conditioning system is much similar to a normal air conditioning system. The only difference is that the former uses the sun as a heat source to assist the energy required to drive the cooling process.  The regular air conditioning system changes only a portion of the gas into a liquid state. It turns to a saturated vapor state, when the refrigerant enters into the metering device. On the other hand, solar air conditioning lets more refrigerant change state back into a liquid much faster and allows the transformation of liquid into the metering device. Most of the condenser and evaporator coil face in the solar air conditioner is used during this process, so it is highly efficient.

Central split solar air conditioning system is ideal for residential purposes. It uses solar energy and reduces your cooling expenses significantly. It is a cost effective system that keeps your home comfortable. You can reduce 30 to 70% of your electric bill by using this system. Choosing a system designed with galvanized steel and polyester urethane finish can help you enjoy long lasting performance. Such system resists deterioration much better than other systems. You can also confirm whether the system has a wire coil guard and hail guard that does not corrode. The guard shields the coil from being damaged by lawnmowers, hail and other elements.

Commercial solar air conditioning systems lend you a hand to save a lot in electric bill at your business. If you are more concerned about increasing energy costs, this system can be the best option for you. Hybrid version is also available that uses solar energy and energy to reduce your energy usage without compromising your comfort. Commercial solar air conditioners are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 ton models. You can opt for the one that suits the requirements of your office. Installing a high efficient air conditioner can save you thousands of dollars in your annual energy bill.

Some solar air conditioning systems come without any moving parts, so you need not do any expensive maintenance work. You can pick the eco friendly design that lets you take an effective step to prevent or reduce ozone depletion. Some systems feature automatic sun tracking mechanisms that help them to perform more efficiently. It is possible to extend the period of operation after sunny hours. Installing such systems relieve you from raising energy bills. You need not require the help of qualified personnel to maintain such system.

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