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Product Details

LG split systems are innovative and split into outdoor and indoor units. The indoor units are available in a number of configurations including standard wall-mounted, Art Cool and ceiling cassettes. All the interior units have remote controls which makes it easy to manipulate them. The Classic 3.5KW Reverse Cycle Split System is specifically efficient and powerful when it comes to cooling performance. With this system, you can be assured that your summers will be comfortable irrespective of how hot the external environment is.


The key features of the Classic 3.5KW Reverse Cycle Split System include:


Inverter V Compressor

This is a variable speed compressor that operates in a more efficient manner compared to the constant speed compressor which is found in conventional ACs. Instead of shutting off abruptly when the desired temperature is attained, the inverter compressor continues to operate at a lower speed so as to maintain that temperature. This makes the unit to be quieter and energy efficient because they are no cycles of on and off. Research shows that this type of compressor cuts down energy expenditure by as much as 69 percent.


Active Energy Control

This feature allows you to adjust the total cooling capacity and energy consumption levels simply through controlling the maximum frequency of the unit’s compressor motor. When you press the Active Energy Control button, the maximum efficiency of the compressor motor is immediately reduced so as to limit energy consumption.


4-Way Auto Swing

Depending on the environment in which the unit is operating, you can proactively save on energy using the 4-step Watt option that limits electrical usage. This makes consumers to continue using household appliances with the split system without any disruption. This simultaneously results in optimized power consumption and a more dependable operation.


Art Cool Self-Cleaning Indoor Coil

This is a one of its kind technology that makes the unit to be efficient in driving out dust and moisture accumulated on the coil surface. This ensures that the coil is always clean without the need for human intervention.


Standby Mode

The Classic 3.5KW Reverse Cycle Split System automatically increases the temperature setting after half an hour and one hour. The interior unit shuts off the moment the timer setting is reached.


Defrost Control

This feature is responsible for shutting down the indoor fan so as to prevent cold air from being blown into the zone. It also removes frost from the outdoor coil when the temperatures are very low.


Attractive and Customizable Indoor Units

The Classic 3.5KW Reverse Cycle Split System provides lots of options to complement any type of décor. Some of the units come in white or black finish which are colors that blend well with any type of interior theme.


Apart from these features, this model also has Swirl Wind, jet cool and auto restart features.