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Product Details

LG Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (LG PTAC) units provide an economical way through which you can heat and cool your rooms. The entire lineup of LG PTAC models operate quietly and are built-in in a sleek design. They are available in heat pump models ranging from 7,000 to 15,000 BTUs in size. From construction, maintenance to operation, LG PTACs are efficient and flexible. This allows you to control your energy expenses from one room to another and from one building to the next.


The following features provide immense benefits to these units:


Energy Efficiency

With an energy rating of up to 13.3 EER, these models give you the comfort that you need throughout the year without incurring a corresponding increase in energy cost. As a matter of fact, if you are replacing a traditional model with LG PTAC units, you will definitely notice the drop in your energy bills.


Rotary Compressor

This compressor has a reduced number of suctions from 2 to 1. This increases the efficiency of refrigerant compression during the low speed range which occurs more frequently. In addition, the DC motor installed in the compressors boasts of world class efficiency in their performance. These compressors also allow for maintenance free operation.


Separate Indoor & Outdoor BLDC Motors

BLDC fan motors are intuitively incorporated in LG PTAC units so as to make the cooling process as quiet as possible through a smooth operation and precise speed control. The Torque Control function allows the compressor to operate at sound wave frequency of approximately 35 hertz. This decreases vibration, noise and compression loss.


Gold Fin™ Anti-Corrosion Protection

These units are protected from rusting and corrosive effects caused by the outside air and everyday pollutants through the Gold Fin™ anti-corrosion protection. This in turn promotes sustainable efficiency and enhances coil life.


Ultra Quiet Operation

The ultra quiet operation attained by LG PTAC units is courtesy of the built in BLDC motor and cross-flow fan technology. The decibel levels are significantly lower compared to those of its closest competitors and this means these models can be installed in noise conscious environment.


42” Industry Standard Size

This is a standard size for the industry as far as PTAC models are concerned. The advantage with the 42 inch is that it makes installation easier and more economical whether you are replacing existing units or doing new constructions.


Digital Control Display

This display which is standard in all models is easy to read, precise and ADA compliant. With the use of an LG wall-mounted thermostat, you can advantage of the Auto Changeover from cool to heat.


In addition to the above features, these units also come with Polymeric mesh ventilation filters, defrost control, pressure control, freeze room protection and dip switch temperature limits which play an important role in saving money by allowing you to control the highest and the lowest temperature settings.


The available models under the LG PTAC line include

  • LP073CD2B
  • LP093CD3B
  • LP123CD3B
  • LP153CD3B