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Product Details

Goodman is a premier brand that allows you and your family to enjoy indoor comfort throughout the year. Their line of innovative heat pumps provides both heating and cooling comfort all in one system. They operate in an efficient manner which is a huge plus for you because this significantly lowers your energy bills and still gives you excellent indoor air conditioning. With the wide range of heat pump models available, Goodman is certain that you will find a perfect system that fits your budget.


The SSZ16 Heat Pump is one of the latest heat pump models from Goodman. It has a high efficiency rating which means huge energy savings.



The SSZ16 Heat Pump is a 16 SEER model. According to the energy savings scale, 16 SEER is one of the high-end efficiency ratings and gives significant energy savings. At the same level of comfort or even more, you will find yourself spending relatively less than would have with a heat pump in the zone of 13 or 14 SEER rating. Despite the higher comparative initial cost, the savings in the long run justify an investment in this model.


Scroll Compressor

First pioneered by Emerson, the scroll technology has revolutionized the HVAC industry. Compared to other types of compressors, scroll compressors are in the front line as far as efficiency, ease of installation and reliability is concerned. When operating the heat pump, you will definitely feel the impact of the scroll compressor particularly with regard to its efficiency and quietness in operation.


High-Density Compressor Sound Blanket

Unlike other systems that make lots of noise when operating, the noise level of SSZ16 Heat Pumps is considerably lower because the compressor area is covered with a sound blanket. This helps in retaining the noise produced within the unit. Combined with the factory installed high capacity mufflers, this unit can be put indoors and no one will notice that is on and running due to its minimal sound effect.


Factory-Installed Suction-Line Accumulator

The suction line accumulator is critical in protecting the compressor against damage. This damage usually occurs from a sudden surge of the refrigerant and oil which enters the compressor from the suction line. The suction line accumulator acts as a temporal reservoir which is designed to meter both the oil and liquid refrigerant back to the compressor at a rate that is normal and acceptable. Its presence in this Goodman pump model means that the pistons, crankshafts, reed valves and rods are safe.



The SSZ16 Heat Pump compressor is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. In the event the compressor fails, a new one will be issued to cover the damaged one. There is also a 10 year parts limited warranty on all functional parts. So as to benefit from all this, you need to register your heat pump within 60 days after installation.