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Product Details

The Tranquility® Medium Temperature W2W (TMW) is a water to water unit that brings together the benefits of geothermal technology and the advantages of radiant flow heating, all under one roof. As a result, this model brings in lots of savings and comfort levels. The installation options open for this model makes it appropriate for pool water heating, spa, ice melt and free hot water. Water to water units also provides chilled water to small fan coil units for purposes of zoned forced air cooling. There are lots of features that this model comes with:


Energy Efficiency

This unit has a SEER rating of 16.4 which delivers excellent cooling even at high temperature conditions. This means your energy bills will come down while your comfort levels will be going up.


Pure Comfort

The radiant flow heating system brought by this model uses a network of pipes installed under the floor to heat your room. This makes the entire surface of the floor to radiate heat evenly leading to uniform cooling. With this system, you can even set your thermostat a number of degrees lower because the floor temperature may be around 85 Fahrenheit while the temperature of the air in the room is only 65 Fahrenheit. This saves you lots of money without sacrificing the comfort that you and your family are enjoying.


Economical to Space

The greatest advantage of the heating system employed by Tranquility® Medium Temperature W2W is that it is completely invisible. There are no baseboard units, no registers or radiators which may obstruct furniture arrangement and interior design structures. The system uses a totally different space underneath your floors leaving you with ample space to hang your décor and use the space the best way you can.


Energy Star Qualified

This model of heat pumps has lots of environmental advantages and that is why EPA decided to list it as one of the Energy Star products. Up to 80 percent of the energy it uses comes directly from the ground meaning it is clean, renewable and free. This lowers the carbon footprint making these units the most energy efficient systems available today.


Long System Life

The design of the Tranquility® Medium Temperature W2W series was made for long service life. This assures you that you will not be making any replacements in between for lengthy periods of time. The exclusive electronic controls built into this model provide worry free operation. This model is backed by a 10 year limited warranty while the underground pipe system provided by ClimateMaster has a 50 year limited warranty.