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Product Details

It does not matter where you live; the temperature underneath your home remains constant irrespective of the season. ClimateMaster geothermal het pump systems are designed to harness the stable underground temperature and use it for water heating, cooling and other heating needs. These pumps operate at a very high efficiency level reducing your normal energy consumption by close to 80 percent.


ClimateMaster leads the way in the provision of renewable and clean geothermal technology. The Tranquility® Split Series (TTS) is a one of its kind heat pump series with lots of innovative features.



The Tranquility® Split Series provides one of the highest energy efficiency compared to any space conditioning system available. It has 21 EER rating and 4.5 coefficient of performance. This means huge savings in power bills because operating this model does not cost as much as the traditional systems.


Affordable and Flexible

This model offers one of the most flexible indoor configurations. It can be easily connected to existing or new air handlers or furnace. With this unit, you get to enjoy maximum convenient and comfort at a lesser sacrifice. As a matter of fact, the Tranquility® Split Series are a perfect combination of comfort, energy savings and reduced operating expenses. In the event space is limited, the compact cabinet design that comes with this model makes it an easy fit anywhere.


Leading Technology

The two-stage operation that comes with this model is advanced in design and provides higher efficiency, automatic adaptation to the surrounding temperature and quiet operation. This gives you optimum comfort irrespective of the weather outside.


Ultra Quiet Operation

This series of geothermal heat pumps has inbuilt features that lessen the noise levels. It is designed, tested and certified by sound laboratory experts as a model that can be installed even in sound conscious environments. It has a built-in double compressor isolation system which eliminates vibration. Its cabinet is also acoustically lined.


Earth-Friendly Refrigerant

The refrigerant used by ClimateMaster geothermal heat pumps is known as EarthPure. It is non-chlorine based and has no ozone depleting substances. This refrigerant is also effective because it absorbs and transfers heat efficiently thereby making the compressor efficient.



The Tranquility® Split Series is designed for durability regardless of the environment and the nature of demand. The materials used in the construction of the various functional parts give it an amazing resilience against the elements. This model also incorporates exclusive electronic controls that provide an enhanced level of operation. Each unit in this series carries a 10 year limited warranty on parts and a 50 year limited warranty on the underground pipe provided by ClimateMaster.


For more than 30, these geothermal heat pumps have served households on various capacities and as at present, millions of geothermal heat pumps are in operation throughout the world keeping people in homes, hospitals, schools, military facilities and other buildings comfortable.