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Product Details

This packaged unit from York gives you the efficiency, comfort and quietness that you require in your ideal home. In addition to this, the York experts who designed this model made it deliberately affordable so that you could run it all year round without experiencing a corresponding increase in cost.
The features of the York® Affinity™ BHX Packaged Unit are innovative enough to make it the envy of every homeowner.


Energy Efficient

With cooling ratings that go up to 16.5 SEER, this packaged unit saves you lots of money in extreme conditions. The cost of energy can be cut by almost 40 percent during the warmest and coldest months of the year. This is courtesy of the ECM motor technology, thermostatic expansion valves and enhanced coil design.


Quiet Operation

What makes this unit a perfect solution for noise conscious spaces including schools is the fact that it operates quietly than most if not all its competitors. It is installed with a QuietDrive swept-wing condenser fan that significantly minimizes the air noise that comes from the packaged unit. The embossed side panel combined with a ridged top panel architecture reduce vibration which in turn minimizes the noise level. The rubber isolated compressor and enhanced coil are instrumental in reducing radiated sound.


Space Saving Installation

When installing the York® Affinity™ BHX Packaged Unit, you will notice that you do not need as much space because the model has a compact cabinet design. The removable base rails provide a simple and quick option to make installation easier in instances where space is tight. The convertible airflow design does not require cutting of the panel and this maximizes flexibility.



This model of packaged unit uses the R410A refrigerant which is safer because it does not destroy the ozone layer. It absorbs and releases heat in an efficient manner thereby allowing the compressors to run cooler. The overall effect of all this is a unit with a superior rating that takes in less energy and thus exerts a lesser impact in the environment.



The York® Affinity™ BHX Packaged Unit has two types of warranties which are; 10 year warranty on parts and another 10 year warranty on the compressor. The benefit of this is that should your unit get damaged within the warranty period, you can always have the parts replaced as well as the compressor as long as all the warranty guidelines are met. To enjoy these warranties, you need to register you unit online within 90 days after installation.