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Product Details

This model is built right and built by York. When you run the York® Affinity™ CZH Air Conditioner, you will doubtlessly feel the comfort and efficiency in every single minute of the operation cycle. The quality, efficiency and trouble free performance elevates this air conditioner to a level that is significantly different compared to its peers in the industry.


High Energy Efficiency

The York® Affinity™ CZH Air Conditioner is a product that meets and even exceeds EPA’s standards and as such qualifies as an Energy Star product. It has a unique cooling efficiency of up to 18 SEER which is among the high-end energy ratings in the market. Your indoor comfort and air quality will go up while your bills will come down significantly.


Always Quiet

It is commonly said that silence is golden and this holds true as far as the York® Affinity™ CZH Air Conditioner operation is concerned. It is fitted with a QuietDrive System that features a swept-wing fan which gives rise to a smooth airflow. There is a composite base pan that dampens and distributes the sound coming from within the unit in addition to an isolated compressor compartment designed specifically to reduce the noise.



York builds durability and strength into each of its units. This keeps their systems including the York® Affinity™ CZH Air Conditioner model running efficiently for years. The automotive quality powdered coated paint makes the entire unit resistant to weather elements and as such does not corrode or rust. The exterior cabinets as well as the interior components are selected and designed for rugged reliability. This means you can count on long lasting value from every penny of your investment.


Advanced R410A Refrigerant

The refrigerant is more or less like the bloodstream that runs through your body system. This model like most of the York HVAC products runs on R410A refrigerant. This refrigerant is advanced, efficient, reliable and does not harm the environment. Its heat absorption and conduction capacity is excellent thereby making the compressors efficient in their operation.


Two-Stage Compressor

This compressor makes minute adjustments depending on the cooling demands. For every temperature level, the compressor will run at a specific operational level so as to be at par with the cooling demands at that particular point. This makes the unit efficient and quiet in its operations.



This air conditioner model has a 10 year warranty on the compressor and parts. This is a standard coverage that you enjoy when you register your unit within 90 days of installation. Any registration done later on will reduce the effective warranty to 5 years parts warranty.